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5 Tips That Will Keep Your Multifunction Printers Running Smoothly


Failing to properly take care of your multifunction printers can lead to unnecessary downtime, which in turn leads to unwanted stress and headaches for everyone in your office. Just imagine the following scenario for a minute or two. You are in the middle of printing an extremely important project and all of a sudden the machine stops working. The deadline is fast approaching. People are counting on you to finish this task.


Without copies of these crucial documents the entire company is at risk. Well maybe that is a little strong, but you get the point. Instead of hitting the panic button, it would be a lot easier to simply hit the print button and have the multifunction printer actually work. The good news is that you can significantly reduce the risk of equipment failure. The following five (5) tips will keep your multifunction printers running smoothly.


Routine Professional Maintenance


Multifunction printers may look like large and sturdy pieces of office equipment, however they are actually quite fragile in nature. There is a great deal of moving parts both internally and externally.  It is imperative to have these crucial office components serviced by a professional on a routine basis. Your service technician will be able to discover and then repair or replace worn down parts prior to the entire machine breaking down.


It is important to note that any company you hire should employ factory-trained technicians. They are by far the most qualified professionals. They will also be able to correctly recommend how often the multifunction printers should be serviced. It is also important to note that the business should offer same day service in case of an emergency.


Clean The Glass Often


Clean the glass area of your multifunction printer with an ammonia free glass cleaner, especially the narrow scanner glass area. A dot on the scanner glass becomes a line on your copies. Always use a soft cloth in order to avoid scratches on the glass surfaces that will negatively affect print, copy and scan quality. Make sure to wipe the underside of the lid as well. Never spray the cleaning solution directly onto the machines as moisture will seep in and cause problems. Wet the cloth and then wipe clean.


Clean The Automatic Document Feeder And Output Tray


Use a soft damp cloth to wipe down the automatic document feeder and output tray. This will help keep the multifunction printer dust free. Dust happens to be one of the main culprits that cause office machines to break down. Even if your office is professionally cleaned on a daily basis, chances are the cleaners are not cleaning the office equipment including the multifunction printer.


Vacuum The Paper Trays


Open up the paper trays and remove any paper located within them. Use a standard vacuum cleaner hose to vacuum out any dust. You can also use compressed air to blow out the dust. Once again, dust tends to cause a lot of problems. Keeping your multifunction printers free of dust absolutely goes a long way in helping the machines run as smoothly as possible.


Give Your Multifunction Printer A Rubdown


Wipe down the rest of the exterior surface areas of the multifunction printer with a damp cloth. Do not neglect to wipe behind the machine as well as long as you can reach it in a safe and secure manner. The cloth should be slightly damp. You do not want moisture to seep into the machine as it could cause serious issues with the electronic components.


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Consider Leasing Your Office Equipment

When you need to add a commercial Multifunction Printer to your business there are certainly many choices to consider regarding brands and models. There are also a few choices to consider regarding how you will acquire the equipment from a financial standpoint. The good news is that business owners and operators are not limited to spending the cash to purchase the equipment outright. 

You do not even need to rely on expensive financing options. In the current day and age, leasing is fast becoming a popular and cost effective option for obtaining the commercial office equipment that you need to keep the business running properly. The following information will provide you with some solid reasons why you should consider leasing your office equipment instead of buying it.


Leasing Your Office Equipment Saves Money

Leasing commercial Multifunction Printers saves money, which of course is good for your bottom line. Although you will have a monthly payment, you will not need to spend a significant amount of money to pay for the full cost of the equipment all at once. In fact, you may not need to pay anything up front. Simply sign the lease, receive the office equipment, and than start making monthly payments on a specific date.

You can use the cash savings in many ways to improve or grow your business. For example, you can apply the cash savings to your marketing/advertising budget.  Leasing your office equipment not only saves money, it can actually increase revenue if the money you would have spent on the machines is applied to other areas of your business. 


Leasing Your Office Equipment Makes It Easy To Upgrade To New Technology

With an office equipment lease you are never stuck with obsolete machines. You can simply upgrade when the lease term is complete. In some cases, you can even upgrade the machines prior to the completion of the lease. This is especially useful if your business operates in a high level technical environment that depends on high quality copying, printing, and scanning.

The latest in advanced technology can go a long way in offering significant improvements in these areas. When your business owns the obsolete equipment it can become an incredible burden when it is time to upgrade. In essence, there is little to zero trade in value. It may even cost you money to dispose of the equipment.


Leasing Your Office Equipment Is Easier And Less Costly Than Obtaining A Loan

A great deal if companies are not in the financial position to pay for new office equipment in cash. Many of these organizations, especially start-ups, may not have the credit and or assets that are required to be approved for a loan. Fortunately, it is significantly easier to be approved for an office equipment lease than a loan. Leasing companies will consider multiple factors that may be unique to your business when approving office equipment leases.

Typically speaking, banks only follow a specific set of underwriting guidelines that include minimum credit scores, profit and loss, and years in business to name a few. They do not consider approving loans on a case-by-case basis. In addition, office equipment leases are less costly than loans. You will not need to pay large down payments and high monthly interest rates. 

Eastern Copy Fax Inc is an office equipment product and service specialist that has been serving Boston and the North Shore for over twenty-five (25) years. Please call us at (978) 515-5100, or visit our website for a FREE quote at http://www.easterncopyfax.com/. We look forward to hearing from you and keeping your business equipped with fast and reliable technology.